1st October 2019
Qantas flight turns back after tyre explodes midair
Qantas flight turns back after tyre explodes midair
(CNN) — A Qantas Airways flight in Australia was forced to turn back after a tire on the plane exploded midair shortly after takeoff.
The plane was heading from Brisbane to the eastern city of Mackay on Sunday when a nitrogen-filled tire exploded, damaging part of the wing, according to CNN affiliate Seven News.
The jet was forced to burn fuel and circle above Queensland's eastern Sunshine Coast for an hour and a half before touching down back in Brisbane. All 76 passengers on board were safe.
Passengers told Seven News they heard a big bang, and that the pilot announced it was a tire explosion.
Airport crew on the ground confirmed the issue.
According to CNN affiliate Nine News, an operator on the runway reported seeing "rubber all down the left-hand side" and found "a large piece" of shredded tire.
All passengers were able to get on another plane to their destination later on Sunday. Qantas said it was not an emergency landing and that they are investigating the explosion, Seven News reported.
9th September 2019
Air-Seal exhibit our tyre sealants at 'Coal Mongolia'

Following the success of our initial participation at  in April, Air-Seal Products exhibit our tyre sealants at the at the Shangri-La Hotel in Ulannbaatar City, Mongolia.


5th September 2019
Somerset Business Awards 2019
Somerset Business Awards 2019

We are very excited to announce that we have been shortlisted for the next stage of judging for the Somerset Business Awards 'Small Business of the Year Award' 

Looking forward to the judges visits next week!

13th August 2019
Old tyres wheeled out for resurfacing motorways


About 40 million tyres are produced in Britain each year, 500,000 of which are thought to end up in landfill sites overseas

Old tyres will be used to resurface motorways under plans designed to stop them being sent to landfill sites overseas.

A new asphalt has been created using waste rubber as part of a trial funded by state-owned Highways England.

The surface has been laid on part of the M1 near Leicester to test its long-term durability. If successful, it could be used on motorways across England.

There are concerns over how best to deal with the 40 million tyres produced in Britain each year. Under European Union rules they cannot be sent to landfill, so the majority are recycled and used in the manufacture and construction of facilities such as football pitches.

However, it is believed that as many as 500,000 a year are shipped out of the UK to huge landfill sites in the Middle East and Asia. More than seven million tyres are understood to have been dumped at one landfill site in Kuwait.

The new road surface has been developed by Tarmac, the British building materials company. In a first for this country, it has developed asphalt technology that recycles tyres by adding granulated rubber to the mix. It is estimated that up to 750 waste tyres could be used in every kilometre of road surfaced with the new material, depending on the thickness of the top layer.

A section of the southbound M1 between junctions 23 and 22 has been laid with the surface.

About £180,000 has been invested in the trial through Highways England’s £150 million innovation fund.

Paul Fleetham, the managing director of Tarmac, said: “As a previously overlooked waste stream, used tyres offer a significant opportunity to unlock the benefits of a circular economy.”

Martin Bolt, Highways England’s corporate group leader, said: “The economic and environmental potential of this new asphalt is significant.”

19th June 2019
4 stars awarded to Air-Seal Products at Plantworx Peterborough
4 stars awarded to Air-Seal Products at Plantworx Peterborough



East of England Arena and Events Centre in Peterborough was the new venue for Plantworx 2019.


Despite the biblical weather we had a busy and productive few days at the show with a good mix of new and existing customers visiting the stand.


Our wheel spike demonstration as usual was a huge hit showing visitors how simple and effective our sealant is.


Air-Seal Products was awarded a ‘4 Star Exhibitor’ certificate as a valued supportive exhibitor at all Plantworx shows from 2013 to 2019.


Thank you to the organisers for putting together a well managed show and to everyone who stopped by the stand for chat. We look forward to seeing you again in 2021.


4th June 2019
Shocking pictures show motorway miracle as driver escapes flying tyre smash

An unsuspecting driver narrowly avoided disaster after a flying tyre crashed into his windscreen on a motorway.

The unnamed man was traveling on the M6 near Leyland in Lancashire when a tyre from an oncoming HGV came loose and bounced terrifyingly across the central reservation.

The wheel then careered into the windscreen of the driver’s Peugeot at high speed, shattering the glass and tearing off the roof.

Thankfully, he somehow avoided serious injury, managing to pull into the hard shoulder and escape in one piece.

Lancashire Roads Police posted pictures of the smash on Twitter, showing the windscreen and roof completely caved in by the tyre:

The force called the driver “the luckiest person in the world right now” after the tyre lodged itself in the back seat and he managed to guide the vehicle to the hard shoulder.

They added: “This tyre detached from an HGV on the M6 at jct28, crossed the central barrier & struck an oncoming vehicle. Thankfully (only) minor injuries.”

One tweet mentioned the crash could have been a lot worse had the driver’s young son been in the car as the tyre crushed the child’s car seat in the back of the vehicle.

“Thankfully he was unable to take [his son], but it doesn’t bear thinking about what would have happened had his son been in this car seat.”

Unsafe tyres such as those on the HGV can cause significant danger on the road, leaving drivers unable to accelerate, steer or brake properly.

Department for Transport figures for 2017 show 17 people were killed on the road and a further 147 seriously injured in collisions where tyre defect was a contributing factor.

Drivers should carry out regular checks on their tyres, checking tread and pressure at least once a fortnight and before any longer journeys to avoid the risks of unsafe tyres.

12th May 2019
Once again a successful CV Show

We have exhibited at the CV show since 2004, and this was once again a successful and busy show for us. As regular exhibitors, we always see many existing customers, who are happy to stop for a chat and a drink. During which, recommendations are often made to new potential visiting customers.

Footfall was busy, particularly on the second day. We had plenty of interest in our demonstration, with visitors keen to find out how the product works. This expo was manned by a record crew of 7, including the first showcase for our sister company Air-Seal Installations.

Our fleet savings calculator software was well received, by answering a few questions visitors received an instant illustration detailing what savings our tyre sealants can provide. The show has already generated some new customers keen to save money and downtime on their fleet as a result. Please call us to find out more.

Thanks to all those who attended, we hope to reduce your tyre related problems!

Looking forward to another 15 years of exhibiting.

7th May 2019
Air-Seal Products award-winning mission to Mongolia
Air-Seal Products award-winning mission to Mongolia



9th April 2019
Drivers donít know the dangers of part-worn tyres, says AA

One in five British drivers have bought part-worn tyres, despite more than 98 percent being sold in an illegal state. That’s according to analysis by AA Cars suggesting our knowledge of tyres is a bit, well, rubbery.

Among that one in five, one in 10 said they would never buy part-worn tyres again. But 13 percent plan to in the future.

Even though a third (33 percent) of people see part-worn tyres as cost-effective, 62 percent were wrong when asked what the legal minimum tread depth was. This is 1.6mm, although many part-worn tyres are sold with around 2mm of tread remaining. Doesn’t sound like value for money to us…

The kicker, though, is that more than 20 percent of drivers reckon most used tyres sold in the UK are perfectly legal. The reality, by comparison, is frightening.


Besides the safety concerns, there is also potential cost involved. Never mind having to replace your newly-bought used tyres sooner than you’d hoped, you could also face a fine if caught with illegal rubber. This can be up to £2,500, with three points on your licence thrown in for good measure.

“Secondhand tyres might boast cheaper price points than new ones, but the tread left on these tyres is typically materially less, meaning you’ll be looking for yet more replacements in no time at all,” said James Fairclough, CEO of AA Cars.

“It’s also worth considering that a large proportion of the secondhand stock in the UK actually fails to meet the minimum legal safety standards."



23rd October 2017
Our Chilean distributor working hard at The Seguridad Show in Santiago, Chile

Here is Said Gidi, our Chilean distributor from Airseal-Chile, exhibiting at The Seguridad Show in Santiago, Chile. The show runs from 23rd - 25th October. You can find Said demonstrating our premier tyre sealants on Stand Number 643 ES.