On Road

This grade of sealant will provide a high level of tyre protection for a wide range of on-road vehicles with multi-axle construction. This protection is important for large transporters used for suppliers to supermarkets, major industrial product manufacturers, the motor industry, buses, coaches, minibuses and other markets where delivery on time is an essential requirement. For Fleet Managers using a wide range of vehicle types and designs for every form of product distribution, the reduction in downtime while waiting for the tyre to be replaced would have significant cost savings.

On Road Benefits:

  1. Increases tyre life by up to 20%.
  2. Reduces fuel costs by maintaining correct tyre pressures.
  3. Avoids downtime waiting for tyre repair or replacements.
  4. Prevents costly penalties for late deliveries.

Under inflation or slow air leaks are the leading causes of premature tyre wear. The application of this sealant to reduce these conditions not only extends the life of the tyre but also increases fuel economy by reducing tyre drag.

This product also seals up to 95% of punctures while dissipating heat within the tyre which increases tread life by up to 20%. Once a puncture occurs, the centrifugal force and the jet action of escaping air propel the sealant to the area of the problem. As the tyre flexes under load conditions, the multi-sized fibres and fillers are compressed to form a permanent plug. Air loss is minimal. This process can be repeated many times without the need of additional sealant. The installed cost compares favourably with the repair of one puncture, the correct amount of sealant for each tyre size must be installed. If more or less is applied this may cause the sealant to be less effective and costly.

The installation procedure is simple and usually completed within a short time. A comprehensive Installation Manual is supplied with an application chart which details the amount of tyre sealant necessary for any combination of tyre sizes. A specially engineered all metal pump is provided which dispenses a measured amount of product for each stroke to ensure the correct amount of sealant is installed according to the tyre being treated.

The pump will have a long service life if maintained as recommended.

This sealant is available from Air-Seal Products Ltd or from our network of agents.

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