An interesting read - Top reasons for MOT failure

10th April 2017

Scott Hamilton, Managing Director of comments: "Our data shows that the main failure categories are lighting and signalling, including faults such as failed bulbs and misaligned headlights; brakes; tyre damage, as well as tyre wear; drivers view of the road, including windscreen damage, windscreen wiper faults, windscreen washer not working and missing, or faulty mirrors.
"The good news is that our research shows the majority of MOT failures can be fixed quickly and cheaply by motorists, before they book their vehicle in for an MOT. Many of these faults can be picked up by regular maintenance and can be detected by the owner, by a very simple walk-around inspection of the car.
"If motorists take some time to check their vehicle over before undergoing an MOT, they can save money and improve the chance of their vehicle passing first time. However, many of our service providers offer a Vehicle Health Check free of charge. If they tick this option on our site, we can get local service providers to check the vehicle and help increase the chances of passing." now works with 4,000 dealers, garage and workshop partners nationwide. Only Authorised Repairers provide quotes for work, after a thorough vetting process and only genuine parts are used on all customer vehicles. Service books are stamped and a 12 month guarantee on all parts and labour is provided.
Top Reasons for MOT Failure, the UK's leading price comparison site where service providers quote for MOT, has analysed a total of 29,640,484 MOT records from the Vehicle Operator and Services Agency (VOSA - 2015) to identify the reasons for failure for the vehicles undergoing their first MOT.

Reason for Rejection Quantity Percentage
Lamps, Reflectors & Electrical Equipment 80,026 19%
Brakes 59,133 14%
Suspension 53,322 12%
Driver's view of the road 47,662 11%
Tyres 42,193 10%
Exhaust, Fuel & Emissions 32,893 8%
Steering 29,101 7%
Seatbelts & Restraint Systems 22,824 5%
Body Structure & General Items 22,566 5%
Reg Plates & VINs 17,655 4%
Road Wheels 10,520 2%
Items not tested 8,812 2%
Towbars 2,827 1%
Driving Control and Speed Limiters 206 0%