Air-Seal Products announce retail market expansion with Mole Valley Farmers

14th March 2018

After eighteen years of national supply, Air-Seal Products Ltd is pleased to announce an expansion in the retail market.  The local Wellington, Somerset based company have recently teamed up with agricultural co-operative group Mole Valley Farmers and will see their products on shelves in stores across the region.  

Alex Burnand Managing Director says “This marks an exciting time for Air-Seal Products as Mole Valley are key players within the South West Agri market.  We are confident our tried and tested product will not disappoint in this target market and we are excited about this new partnership”.

Air-Seal Products sealants provide a major solution in tyre management and provide a high level of tyre protection. It is intended for use in both on and off-road tyre applications and can be used in small or large tyres from commercial vehicles to industrial and agricultural equipment.

The tyre sealant will be available for purchase in stores and online from the beginning of March.