Technical Specification

Technical Specification for Armor-Seal, Heavy Duty and Recreational Grade products

The Armor-Seal grade colour is RED, Heavy Duty and Recreational grades are SANDY.

Air-Seal Products tyre sealants have an indefinite shelf life and are non-reactive; they will not react with the tyre rubber and do not polymerise, vulcanise or cure. Additionally Air-Seal Products tyre sealants will not separate. Air-Seal Products tyre sealants are also reusable and when removed from a worn tyre will be equally effective in another tyre. In fact our chemist has a sample that was removed from a road going vehicle that had accumulated over 300,000 miles - the life of three tyres and is still fully functional and could be used today. Additionally these sealants will not stick the tyre to the wheel rim and therefore can be easily removed from the tyre with cold water. Conventional tyre repair procedures and tyre re-treading will not be affected.

Both sealants are corrosion resistant for ferrous and yellow metals. Freezing point is below -35 degrees Centigrade. Air-Seal Products tyre sealants are classed as a fire retardant; many other tyre sealants are flammable, especially when under pressure.

A COSHH Substance Report, Risk Assessments and Material Safety Data Sheets for these sealants are available on request. Care must be taken during installation, preferably wearing safety glasses, to avoid the possibility of the product being splashed into the eyes. If swallowed, please seek medical attention immediately.