This grade is the premium product in the Company’s range of pre-puncture sealants. It is capable of plugging holes up to 30 mm (1¼ inches) across heavier ply tyres – more than double any other sealant now available worldwide.

Armour-Seal has been proven in extreme conditions by military forces around the world. It has performed equally well when working in locations such as quarrying, mining, docksides and major construction sites. 

By installing our sealant cost savings will be achieved, by minimising downtime and extending tyre life.

One application of sealant will save you money when compared to a conventional repair. It also avoids the inconvenience, time and effort involved in replacing a tyre.

An Installation Manual is supplied with an application chart which details the amount of tyre sealant necessary for any combination of tyre sizes.

Armour-Seal is supplied in 20 litre pails and is sold with a specially engineered installation pump for ease of use. Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) are also available.

NATO Stock Numbers (NSNs) are available for our range of sealants on request.

This sealant is available from Air-Seal Products Ltd or from our network of agents.

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Heavy Duty

For on and off road use. Supplied in Bottles, 20 litre pails and IBCs.


For hazardous conditions. Supplied in 20 litre pails and IBCs.


For water ballasted tyres. Supplied in 20 litre pails.