Heavy Duty – Bottles

For smaller, individual use.

Bottles of Heavy Duty sealant are designed to greatly reduce the probability of punctures, or slow air leaks, in vehicles used for both on and off road, sporting and leisure activities. It also has an indefinite shelf life.

To install this sealant the 950ml bottles include a valve core tool, installation tubing and full instructions for ease of use.

One application of sealant will save you money when compared to a conventional repair. It also avoids the inconvenience, time and effort involved in replacing a tyre.

This sealant is available from Air-Seal Products Ltd or from our network of agents. It can also be supplied in convenient packs of 12 if requested.

The sealant is suited for use in the following tyre types:


Recommended application for all 13″, 14″ and 15″ trailer tyres: 475ml/tyre.

For use in caravans, all trailer types, horseboxes and other similar vehicles.

Most importantly it will reduce the risk of tyre failure and increase safety.


Application rates will vary according to the vehicle: see Installation Instructions Table on the bottle.

For use in Quad Bikes, Golf Carts, Large Lawn Tractors, Wheel Barrows, Wheel Chairs and Bicycles.

4×4 On-Off Road

Recommended application On Road 475ml/tyre, Off Road 950ml/tyre.

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Heavy Duty

For on and off road use. Supplied in Bottles, 20 litre pails and IBCs.


For hazardous conditions. Supplied in 20 litre pails and IBCs.


For water ballasted tyres. Supplied in 20 litre pails.