Armor Seal

For hazardous conditions.

This grade is the premium product in the Company's range of pre-puncture sealants. It is capable of plugging holes up to 30 mm (1¼ inches) across heavier ply tyres - more than double any other sealant now available worldwide.

This sealant has been proved in extreme conditions. For the military, in Rwanda and more recently in Iraq and Afghanistan. It has performed equally well when working in locations of severe conditions for example quarrying, mining, docksides and major construction sites. There is also the fact that slow air leaks are eliminated.

In these environments, considerable reductions in the frequency of punctures and maintaining air pressures in tyres which are grossly under inflated, considerable operational benefits and cost savings will be achieved. For example, expensive downtime until the driver and machine can resume working and increased working tyre life to offset the already high cost of replacement tyres.

There is a growing worldwide problem for the users of heavy industrial tyres. Higher material costs are forcing tyre manufacturers to reduce the types and sizes of tyres produced which in turn will add to the waiting time for the larger and more specialised sizes for example, earth mover tyres.

Most importantly, the cost of one treatment of the Armour-Seal Grade should last the working life of the tyre which compares with the true cost of the first conventional repair of any comparable tyre.

The installation procedure is simple and usually completed within a short time. A comprehensive Installation Manual is supplied with an application chart which details the amount of tyre sealant necessary for any combination of tyre sizes. A specially engineered all metal pump is provided which dispenses a measured amount of product for each stroke to ensure the correct amount of sealant is installed according to the tyre being treated. The correct amount of sealant for each tyre size must be installed. If more or less is applied this may cause the sealant to underperform or be more costly.

The pump will have a long service life if maintained as recommended.

This sealant is available from Air-Seal Products Ltd or from our network of agents.