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Welcome to Air-Seal Products

Do you suffer from unnecessary punctures & downtime?

Air-Seal Products offer a unique range of tyre sealants that are able to treat machinery and vehicles for both on and off road environments. From wheelbarrows to large dumpers we treat them all, whilst improving or maintaining the profitability for tyre users who continually face major cost problems.

We are confident that our tyre sealant range will support major cost savings for all tyre users:

  1. We use a technology which is not matched by any other tyre sealant available anywhere and can prevent punctures in tyre treads of up to 30mm (1¼ inches) in 95% of tubeless tyres and up to 75% in tubed tyres.
  2. Considerable cost reductions can be achieved from less idle labour and for tyre service contracts from vehicle downtime.
  3. From eliminating tyre under inflation and slow air leaks. We can increase tyre life by up to 20% and reduce fuel costs.

All of our products are supported by our first class technical service with our extensive experience of solving on-site puncture problems.

Our tyre sealants are now widely used worldwide by major companies for their vehicle fleets both on and off road in the following sectors:

  • U.K. Armed Forces and Government Departments
  • Waste Management and Recycling Sectors
  • Mining and Quarrying Industries
  • Original Equipment Manufacturers and their Customers
  • Civil Engineering, Building and Demolition Contractors
  • Grounds Care Maintenance Contractors
  • Local Authorities and Leisure Businesses
  • Agricultural Contractors and Farmers
  • The Road Haulage Industry.

To ensure the quality of our service, we do not franchise our products.

Please click here for our product information video. 

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