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Air-Seal Products have been exporting our range of tyre sealant worldwide for over 20 years. At Air-Seal Products, we understand the importance of keeping your vehicles running smoothly and safely, no matter where you are in the world. That's why we offer our innovative tyre sealant range, designed to provide instant and permanent puncture repair for a wide range of vehicles and machinery. With a strong presence across international markets, Air-Seal Products has earned the trust of drivers worldwide. Our tyre sealants have been extensively tested and proven effective in diverse climates and road conditions, from scorching deserts to icy terrains. Join thousands of happy customers who rely on Air-Seal Products for their puncture prevention needs.
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We have supplied our high-performance tyre sealants to end users and through distributors in over 80 countries since 2000, and are always looking for new distributors. If you are impressed with the capability and longevity of our world class tyre sealants, and interested in distribution in your country please contact us to discuss opportunities.