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A company using Air-Seal Products tyre sealant range could see the following savings...
reduction in punctures
0 %
extension on tyre life
0 %
increase in fuel economy
0 %
Air-Seal Products Tyre Sealant Hydro-seal 20 litre pail and pump

Hydro-Seal - specifically formulated for ballast Filled tyres

Therefore, it will not separate or become ineffective when mixed with water as a traditional tyre sealant designed for air-filled tyres would.

Our Hydro-Seal tyre sealant can perform an instant puncture repair up to 13mm in diameter in the tread area when installed at 1 part tyre sealant per 10 parts of liquid-based ballast. Hydro-Seal will disperse uniformly through the liquid ballast and eliminate most flat tyre costs and downtime when used correctly.

This water-washable tyre sealant is compatible with anti-freeze and can be used in sub-zero temperatures, is suitable for both tubed and tubeless tyres, and will last the life of the tyre.

Our Hydro-Seal tyre sealant is supplied in 20 litre pails and is sold with a specially engineered installation pump for ease of use.

An installation manual is supplied with an application chart which details the quantity of tyre sealant necessary for any combination of tyre sizes. 

Available from Air-Seal Products Ltd or from our network of agents.

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