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fleet savings

Did you know...

A company with a fleet of ten trucks and trailers would save between £17,334 and £30,701
per year when using Air-Seal Products
reduction in punctures
0 %
extension on tyre life
0 %
increase in fuel economy
0 %
Air-Seal Products Tyre Sealants - Fleet Savings Pyramid Graphic
Air-Seal Products Heavy Duty tyre sealant being installed into on-road van

The liquid solution to your tyre management

Managing a fleet of vehicles comes with a wide variety of challenges, especially when it comes to tyre maintenance and expenses. That’s why we’re here to introduce you to a major solution to your tyre management and save you significant time and money.

The repair cost of a puncture is minimal when compared to the other associated factors, making them an inconvenience for any fleet manager. The diagram demonstrates the other significant costs that need to be taken in to consideration, as they would have a larger financial impact on any fleet operation.

We understand the unique challenges faced by fleet operators, and our tyre sealant is specifically formulated to address those challenges. Our solution has been trusted by numerous fleet managers worldwide, delivering outstanding results in terms of cost savings, performance, and reliability.

By maintaining optimum tyre pressures our tyre sealant will:



Email us to fill out our calculator and discover how much you could be saving on your fleet by using our tyre sealant range.