Please find below letters of recommendation from a wide selection of large companies, who can confirm their confidence and satisfaction with the effectiveness of our tyre sealants. As a company we operate on 80% repeat business, which tells us that our customers are happy. Especially with their cost savings.

John O ‘Conner

Punctures - Downtime - Air-Seal

“Finally, a product that works. We have found 100% success across the tread area punctures. We are very happy with Air-Seal Products and look forward to the next ten years”.

World Rubber

Punctures - Downtime - Air-Seal

We have been using your Heavy Duty Tyre sealant since February 2003 and have been very pleased with the results.

Woodford Recycling

Woodford Recycling Testimonial

I just wanted to write to show my appreciation of your product which I have been using for many years.

Tilia Properties Ltd

Tilia Properties Ltd Testimonial

Having used the Air-Seal material for a period of four years, I can without a doubt say the material is nothing short of fantastic. All in all saving us a fortune in our industry.

Stamford Tyres

Stamford Tyres Testimonial

Since then we have gone onto purchase many 20lt containers full of Air-Seal Products Tyre Sealants.

Smith’s (Gloucester) Ltd

Smiths Testimonial

The monthly repair costs on the treated tyres over nine months have been reduced by almost two-thirds from £3,500 to £1,200, a saving of £20,700.

Sahara Expedition 2005

Sahara Testimonial

I have absolutely no hesitation at all in recommending Air-Seal for all vehicle applications. Punctures in the desert are not just an inconvenience, they can become life-threatening situations.

Radmore & Tucker

Radmore & Tucker

It’s now been four years since we started using your heavy duty grade tyre sealant. I have no hesitation to recommend your products to our end users, those that have already benefited pass their satisfaction on to others.

Network Maintenance South Ltd

Network Maintenance Testimonial

Following the show we placed an order for two pails of product and never looked back or tried to find an alternative!!

M T Equipment Ltd

MT Equipment Testimonial

The product did exactly what you said it would do and outperformed the tyre sealants that we had previously tried.

Macleod Construction Ltd

Macleod Construction Testimonial

In addition [to reducing our puncture rate] through the use of Heavy Duty product we have seen increased tyre life which aids productivity on site and maximises tyre performance.

Lisheen Mine

Punctures - Downtime - Air-Seal

I have been using your tyre additive product for the past 12 months and you will be glad to hear we have had great results in prolonging our tyre life in the harshest of underground mining conditions.

Lindum Waste Recovery

Lindum Waste Testimonial

Since we began using Air-Seal Products tyre sealant we have seen a dramatic and remarkable reduction in tyre repair costs, down by an incredible 92%.

Land Network (Gainsborough) Ltd

H Bates & Son Testimonial

On fitting new tyres Michelin MXCL we put air-seal straight in, 18 months later these have just been changed totally worn out and full of nails with no damage to the side wall and hardly any loss of pressure.

K M R Skip Hire Ltd

KMR Skip Hire

The product itself is easy to install, it’s non-hazardous and does not stick to the tyre rim. Once again like the plant machines within a couple of weeks the punctures were dramatically reduced right across the fleet and the cost saving of this product over the last 9 years are remarkable.


K Plant Testimonial

I have used Heavy Duty Tyre Sealant for over 8 years on every vehice in our fleet. In every case the use has cut the repair rate and cost significantly.

Jon Torrens Ltd

Jon Torrens Ltd Testimonial

The product is amazing! I would like to say a big thank you for, at last, bringing to the market this product that does what it says ‘on the tin.

J F Bishop & Son

Punctures - Downtime - Air-Seal

The trial was most successful and we have treated all the tyres of our large fleet of lorries. The product is certainly very cost effective.

Global Recycling Solutions Ltd

Global Recycling Testimonial

We have been installing your Heavy Duty sealant since March 2007, some nine years, and now install Air-Seal Products into almost all of our wheeled chippers as standard.

G & A M Lawson

G & AM Lawson Testimonial

I was introducted to Air-Seal Products after I went onto the stand at the BIGGA BTME show.

Freshwater Independant Lifeboat

Freshwater Lifeboat Testimonial

Thank you to Air-Seal Products, we no longer have to think about the wheels on our launch and recovery trolley.

Fairfield Golf and Sailing Club

Fairfield Golf Testimonial

We first ordered the Heavy Duty tyre sealant back in 2004,

David Ord Civil Engineering

David Ord Testimonial

An excellent product which continues to save us money. Not only on puncture repairs but also on downtime waiting for the tyre fitter to arrive.

Culford Waste Ltd

Culford Waste Testimonial

Tyres become virtually trouble free, saving us no end of down time and we now expect to get a full working life for most of our tyres. By using Air-Seal we have retained the pneumatic cushioning of tyres with the added bonus of puncture protection.

C B Mower Services Ltd

CB Mowers Testimonial

We find this product does the job extremely well and would indeed recommend this to anyone.

Bridge Tyres & Wheels

Bridge Tyres Testimonial

It is an easy product to install and we have used it in a range of tyres from tractors to trucks and even the odd wheelbarrow. It can be quickly washed from the tyre using cold water without any hassle and does not have any effect on the tyre casing or wheel rim.

Bath & North East Somerset Council

BANES Testimonial

Not only is your tyre sealant first class but also the technical advice and service we have received over the years are a credit to you and Air-Seal Products.

Environmental Waste Services

EWS Testimonial

I can always rely on the team to assist with any technical questions or just for a friendly chat. Their customer service is top notch!

Bullimores Plant & Skip Hire

Bullimores Testimonial

As a skip hire company, picking up punctures on our skip lorries was viewed as an occupational hazard..

A R Kent & Son

A R Kent & Son Testimonial

Over the years we have tried a variety of glue based sealants but nothing works as well as Air-Seal Products.

3D Contract Services Ltd

3D Contract Services Testimonial

I am writing to let you know how successful your tyre sealants have been.

W G R Ltd

WGR Ltd Testimonial

this product has been a god send to me and is really worth every penny.

Ovamill Limited

Ovamill Ltd Testimonial

We have been using the product now for over 5 years and have since rolled out the use of the sealant to most of our fleet.

O C S Group UK Ltd

OCS Testimonial

Within hours and days, a difference was noted. The installation of the Air-Seal Product was now recognised as a clear saving in operating costs, reduction in vehicle down time and a happier security team.