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Fram Farmers provide the purchasing, crop marketing and administrative function for over 1400 farming businesses across the UK and have accounts with over 1200 suppliers.

Air-Seal Products are now suppliers of Fram Farmers. This means members can order our range of premier tyre sealants using their membership code, and receive the perfect solution to their tyre related problems directly from us!

Are punctures costing you unnecessary downtime and money? Our Heavy Duty tyre sealant can: seal 95% of punctures up to 15mm; maintain optimum tyre pressure; stop rim, bead, and other slow air leaks; increase the life of the tyre up to 20%; and provide a permanent repair for the life of the tyre!

Simply call us on +44 (0)1823 674411 or email to start saving time and money today! You can also visit our online shop here.Fram Farmers


HM Queen Elizabeth II (1926-2022)

HM Queen Elizabeth II|

As you will already be aware, Monday 19th September has been declared a Bank Holiday in respect of the State Funeral of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

As a mark of respect for Her Majesty, and to commemorate her incredible life and reign, our offices and facilities will be closed on this day to give everybody at Air-Seal Products the opportunity to be part of this historical national moment and pay their respects.

Please be mindful that there may be some disruption to deliveries around the Capital while preparations are made for the event.

We will reopen on Tuesday 20th September.

Tyre Fires in Trucks

Truck Tyre Fires|Truck Tyre Fire

Tyre fires are uncommon in relation to the number of tyres on the road, but the statistics show that it is something that should concern every transport operator. The cause of fires starting at the wheels is always difficult to identify as the resulting damage often makes an examination impossible. Though the underlying cause for these fires is always excessive heat that manages to ignite a tyre or some stray oil or grease at the wheel end.

According to the 2020 Major Accident Report by the National Transport Accident Research Centre, 33% of truck fire losses since 2011 were caused by tyre or wheel end failure or faults. The report also identified underinflation as the leading cause of tyre failure.

Michelin Field Engineer, Phil Arnold, stated; “tyres contain a great deal of potential energy. They are like high-grade coal when they start to burn, and they are very difficult to extinguish. When a tyre comes apart while driving, it’s usually because of underinflation. Heat generated within the sidewalls of a flexing tyre weakens the casing’s steel belts, softening the rubber to the point that it eventually breaks down and the tyre blows apart. With tyre fires, the heat source is the wheel end. Heat travels through the hub’s metal and through the wheel, where it contacts the tyre bead. Since the bead is built differently than the upper sidewall, its rubber just gets hotter and hotter until at some point it begins to burn”.

Truck Tyre Fire

It has been made clear that regular vehicle maintenance and inspection of all wheel end components is essential as prevention measures for tyre fires. Even with the use of Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems, it is recommended that tyre pressures are checked and adjusted weekly with regular high speed motorway travel.

Not only useful for permanently sealing punctures in the tread area of the tyre, Air-Seal Products Heavy Duty tyre sealant can stop all rim, bead, and other slow air leaks. This will help maintain optimum tyre pressure, meaning you will no longer be operating with underinflated tyres, and will reduce the chance of a tyre fire in your trucks!

What should you do if a truck tyre catches fire?

  • The driver should drive slowly in the emergency lane until the tyre separates from the rim. Stopping could lead to the fire spreading.
  • Notify the fire department as soon as possible!