CONEXPO-CON/AGG Exhibition 2023

Welcome to Las Vegas sign

Both Air-Seal Products directors and our office manager were over the pond exhibiting at the largest construction show in North America last week. CONEXPO 2023 was held at the convention centre in Las Vegas from the 14th-18th March.  

The five-day show surpassed estimated attendance numbers and drew in over 139,000 construction professionals from over 133 countries, making this show 6% larger than 2020. With over 3 million net square feet of exhibit space covered by 2,400 exhibitors, you certainly needed the whole week to see the whole show. Even Managing Director, Alex, was amazed by some of the never seen before equipment that was on display and was told that if you walked every floor of the show then you would cover over 70 miles!  

Air-Seal Products met many new faces at CONEXPO, but it took travelling over 5000+ miles to catch-up with a familiar face from the UK. Existing customer Richard Melton from BSP International Foundations Ltd, world leaders in the manufacturing of hydraulic piling hammers, Rapid Impact Compactors (RICS) and road maintenance machinery, was also exhibiting at the show. 

As the construction show draws in attendees from around the world, this was a perfect opportunity for Air-Seal to expand its export business. Many interesting conversations were held regarding distribution opportunities in over 30 countries including China, Brazil, and Mexico. 

Air-Seal Director and Office Manager meet social media influencer Stanley "Dirt Monkey" GenadekAir-Seal Director, Kerstin Burnand, caught up with huge social media influencer, Stanley “Dirt Monkey” Genadek who has been in the landscaping / excavating business for 20 years and is considered the voice of the industry by his peers. Stanley had nothing but great things to say about our range of premier products, having previously used them himself!

This impressive trade show is held every three years in Las Vegas so is set to return to the convention centre once again in 2026.  

Air-Seal Products Co-Exhibits At International Exhibition

Alex at the IDEX show in Abu Dhabi

Alex Burnand, Managing Director of Air-Seal Products, had a fantastic week exhibiting at IDEX 2023. The international defence exhibition took place at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre from the 20th-24th February and Air-Seal were front and centre with co-exhibitors Remah International Group (RIG).

Air-Seal had the opportunity to demonstrate its range of premier products to many influential individuals at the show.

His Exellency (HE) Mohamed Al Qemsi, Chairman and Owner of co-exhibitor Remah International Group (RIG) and it’s 40+ associated companies had a lengthy discussion with Alex regarding Air-Seals range of products.

Major General Abdulrahmen Sabt, Assistant Chief of Joint Capabilities of the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Defence enjoyed Air-Seals big spike demonstration so much, he then requested to see it a second time along with a technical  discussion on how it works.

His Highness (HH) Sheikh Mansour, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Presidential Court also visited stand CP-249, although he unfortunately missed the demonstration of the premier tyre sealant.

If you missed Alex at the show and would like some further information on our range of premier tyre sealants, click here.

The ‘unknown’ tyre rule that could see you fined!

Changing tyre on passenger car|

There is an ‘unknown’ tyre rule regarding mixing and matching your tyres on the same axle that could result in serious consequences. Most people are feeling the cost-of-living strain with inflation, but UK drivers are being warned about cutting costs on their tyre maintenance as it could cost them a £100 fine and 3 penalty points on their licence!

Even though it may be tempting to choose the most affordable option when getting a new tyre, it could be a costly mistake. According to the law, the tyres on the front axles must match, as should the tyres on the rear. Though you can have different tyre types on the front axle compared to the rear axle.

Graham Conway, managing director at Select Car Leasing, warned motorists that “there are big differences between the types of tyres available – beyond just the brand – and mixing and matching them can be dangerous and illegal.”

It is important that the matching tyres have the same ‘construction’ i.e. the same ply type. This is most commonly ‘radial-ply’ or ‘cross-ply’ and refers to the layers of construction that sit under the surface rubber and gives the tyre strength. They should also have the same tread pattern and depth which can vary widely between manufacturers.

Not only is having unmatching tyres considered an offence in the eyes of the law, it could also lead to inconsistent performance, poor handling, a higher chance of catastrophic blowouts, and skidding due to poor water displacement. If you have extremely mismatched tyres on the same axle then it could even cause damage to your wheel bearings and clutch, as well as costing you more in fuel!

Stay up to date with tyre related news and avoid costly penalties through our events and news page here.

The Premier Tyre Sealant at Dairy Tech 2023

Welsh social media influencer Gareth Wyn Jones visits Air-Seal Products tyre sealant stand at Dairy Tech 2023|Terry Jones from the NFU visits Air-Seal premier tyre sealant stand at Dairy Tech 2023|Air-Seal Products managing director Alex Burnand with new tyre sealant customers on stand at dairy tech 2023

Air-Seal Products Ltd directors, Alex, and Kerstin Burnand were on top form last week showcasing our range of premier tyre sealant at Dairy-Tech 2023. The one-day exhibition is tailored for the new generation of dairy farmers, managers, and technicians and first started in February 2018. The Royal Association of British Dairy Farmers (RABDF) have continued to put on a great show over the years and saw record-breaking visitor numbers and a large showcase of the latest tech and informative speakers last week.

Air-Seal had the pleasure of catching up with some existing customers Air-Seal Products managing director Alex Burnand with new tyre sealant customers on stand at dairy tech 2023such as Laverstoke Park Farm, and Lovettswood Farm Ltd, and meeting new customers Beeley Hilltop Farm and Chilton Farm. We even welcomed the Director General of the National Farmers Union (NFU), Terry Jones, onto stand who uses our tyre sealant on his family farm in South Wales!

There were many famous faces visiting the show at Stoneleigh Park including Tom Pemberton from TPFarmLife, Kaleb Cooper best known for Clarkson’s Farm, and the nation’s favourite farmer, Gareth Wyn Jones. The Welshman made multiple visits to the Air-Seal stand as an advocate for our tyre sealant having used it himself on the mountains at Ty’n Llwyfan over the last few years.

If you missed the team at the show but are suffering with puncture Terry Jones from the NFU visits Air-Seal premier tyre sealant stand at Dairy Tech 2023problems and want to find out more about our range of tyre sealant, you can call the team on +44 (0)1823 674411, or find them on stand 566 at Cereals, the next agricultural show of the year, on the 13th and 14th of June.

Viral Video Brings in the Crowds at LAMMA 2023

Air Seal Products Marketing Executive Hayley Nicholson Meets Kaleb Cooper from Clarksons Farm at Agricultural Exhibition LAMMA|Air-Seal Products brings in the crowds at LAMMA with their premier tyre sealant demonstration|15mm puncture being sealed by Air-Seal Products premier tyre sealant at LAMMA agricultural exhibition

The largest indoor agricultural exhibition, LAMMA, was a huge success for Air-Seal Products on the 10th and 11th January 2023. The NEC in Birmingham saw nearly 34,000 visitors through the doors to see new features and the latest innovations on show.

Some have even reported that it was the “strongest show yet” with 65% of the almost 600 exhibitors confirming their return for 2024, Air-Seal being one of them. The trusty demonstration tyre was in Air-Seal Products brings in the crowds at LAMMA with their premier tyre sealant demonstrationconstant use as farmers flocked to stand 656 in hall 18 to watch impressive 15mm punctures being instantly sealed by the premier tyre sealant.

There were multiple reports from visitors that the company’s video sensation which went viral with over 50 million views across social media platforms, was a driving force bringing them to the stand to check if the product “actually works”. These visitors were left suitably astonished to find that the product does what it says on the tin, with its fibre technology providing the ideal solution for saving time and money on their operations.

The Air-Seal team enjoyed catching up with over 25 existing customers such as R & D Agri Services, Avant South East, Morgan Pell Farms, Martin Hoare Digger Hire, T W Ives Livestock, R J & J White & Son, and J M A Pickford, to name a few that have had huge success with using the company’s range of premier tyre sealants.15mm puncture being sealed by Air-Seal Products premier tyre sealant at LAMMA agricultural exhibition

Air-Seal’s Marketing Executive even had the pleasure of catching up with Kaleb Cooper, well-known for his appearance on Clarkson’s Farm, and passed on a bottle of sealant and Air-Seal hat!

The agricultural machinery exhibition will return to the NEC on the 17th and 18th of January 2024, but if you can’t wait that long to start saving on your puncture problems, then  you can visit the team onstand E60 at Dairy Tech on the 1st February, or call +44 (0)1823 674411 to find out more.

New Packaging Options for Puncture Problems

A-SP Logo|4 litre jug of Air-Seal premier tyre sealant|Air-Seal Heavy Duty 24 litre bag-in-a-box tyre sealant for punctures up to 15mm

Air-Seal Products prides itself on listening to our customers and providing the answers to your puncture problems. We have been supplying our range of premier tyre sealants in 20 litre pails and 950ml bottles for the last 22 years which you can view in our online shop.

For the first time, Air-Seal is introducing new packaging options to suit our customers’ needs. Whether you are a tyre fitter installing sealant directly into the tyre chamber of a telehandler, or a farmer protecting your ATV from punctures, Air-Seal Products have got the ideal solution for you.

Both new product lines will contain Air-Seal’s well-known Heavy Duty tyre sealant, there are no changes to the chemistry of the popular product, merely the way it is packaged.

The first new addition is the bag-in-a-box (BIB), which is a sturdy Air-Seal Heavy Duty 24 litre bag-in-a-box tyre sealant for puncture problems up to 15mmcompact box filled with eight bags of tyre sealant, each bag containing three litres of product. Rather than the traditional pail and pump system, which allows product to be installed into a fitted tyre at pressure. The tyre bead needs to be broken from the wheel rim to install the BIB, and contents of the bag simply emptied into the tyre chamber. Due to the installation method, this product is particularly useful for tyre fitters and businesses that are fitting their own tyres.

The second brand new product is a 4-litre jug with a pump attached4 litre jug of Air-Seal premier tyre sealant for puncture problems which can treat all four tyres on an ATV exactly. Simply deflate the tyre, attach the hose, and pump in the necessary quantity. Once the sealant has been installed, re-inflate the tyre to manufacturers specifications, and carry on with your day.

Make sure you contact Air-Seal Products on +44 (0)1823 674411, as there is a limited quantity of the brand-new 4 litre jugs available for pre-order!

Christmas Closing Times

Air-Seal Product - The Premier Tyre Sealant - Christmas Closing Times

Air-Seal HQ will be closed over the Christmas break with the final order date for delivery before Christmas being Wednesday the 21st December 2022. Any orders placed after this date will be processed and delivered when we re-open in the New Year.

You can order by…
Calling the office on +44 (0)1823 674411
Visiting our online shop here

The office will be closed from Friday afternoon on the 23rd of December 2022 and will re-open on Tuesday the 3rd of January 2023 at 9am.

During this time there will be very limited access to emails to allow the Air-Seal team to enjoy a well-deserved break with their families.

Merry Christmas and we look forward to saving you money and downtime on your puncture problems in the New Year!

6 Characteristics of a High-Performance Tyre Sealant

Flat tractor tyre

What makes a good tyre sealant?

If Flat tractor tyreyou have ever been stranded by a flat tyre on your ATV ten miles away or suffered a puncture on your combine in the middle of harvest, then you know the importance of a good tyre sealant. Let’s discuss the key characteristics of a high-performance tyre sealant to help you avoid wasting your hard-earned money on a sealant that doesn’t work and being stranded by an inopportune puncture. Whether your tyres are tubed, tubeless, high-speed, low-speed, on-road, off-road, or even water ballasted, Air-Seal Products can help.

How does a tyre sealant work?Air-Seal Tyre Cut Away

The key word is ‘preventative’. The tyre sealant should be installed into the tyre as early in its life as possible so punctures can be sealed the instant they occur. A modern tyre sealant is a suspension of synthetic fibres and fillers in a thickened ethylene or propylene glycol (anti-freeze) and water “carrier system”, which allows the fibres and fillers to move within the tyre in liquid form.

When a puncture occurs, the air loss in the tyre propels the suspended fibres and fillers into the puncture site where the fibres snag on the rubber. These fibres tangle in the wound which stops air escaping. As the tyre rotates, the flexing of the rubber packs more fibres into the hole until no more will fit. The fillers (extremely small particles) will then pack in-between the fibres to form a permanent airtight seal that will last the life of the tyre.

Performance Characteristics

1) Fibres

The fibres constitute the backbone of the tyre sealant, the stronger the fibres, the stronger the repair. For example, Air-Seal Products use some of the strongest, abrasion-resistant synthetic aramid fibres, which were specifically chosen to ensure punctures are sealed for the life of the tyre.

2) Fillers

Once a strong plug has been formed by the fibres, the filler particles provide the final seal by lodging in between the fibres and forming an effective, air-tight seal.

3) Suspension Stability

The only purpose of the liquid portion of the sealant formulation is to carry the fibres and fillers to the site of the puncture, however, if a sealant separates then it will not perform effectively! Beware of sealants that show signs of separation in a container or require shaking or mixing before use! Did you know that Air-Seal Products have an indefinite shelf life? This means your grandchild could use the product you buy today in 100 years, and it will still perform perfectly.

4) Freeze Protection

Most tyre sealant users in this country will experience below freezing temperatures at least a few times per year. Be sure that your sealant is freeze protected to prevent the possibility of a horrendous vibration caused by a lump of ice in your tyres. Not to mention that ‘ice cubes’ don’t seal punctures! A good sealant such as Air-Seal Products will be protected down to minus 35 degrees centigrade.

5) Inertness

This means the sealant will not react chemically with any part of the tyre/wheel assembly, which is critical to maintain the manufactures warranty on both! Any sealant that works by “curing” or “reacting with air” should be avoided. Air-Seal Products is a purely mechanical repair, and they believe there should be no reaction at all!

5) Corrosion Protection

Most (if not all) tyre sealants contain water, and we all know what happens to metal after prolonged exposure. The same technology used to prevent corrosion and rust in water cooling system works in sealants. Ensure that your sealant contains corrosion inhibitors like Air-Seal Products before you put it into those tyre and wheel assemblies that could cost hundreds to replace!

What else can tyre sealants do?

The most dramatic benefit of a high-performance tyre sealant is the prevention of flat tyres from punctures. Additional benefits you could experience with the right sealant includes the prevention of slow air-leaks which stops under-inflation of tyres, increases fuel efficiency up to 3%, and increases tyre life up to 20%. This will also reduce the risk of catastrophic failures such as blowouts (on-road) or ‘bead roll-offs’ (off-road). The financial savings associated with the use of a good tyre sealant can be-overshadowed by the safety benefits!

Still not convinced? Watch a demonstration of Air-Seal Products tyre sealant working here.

How do I buy Air-Seal Products tyre sealant?

There are multiple ways you can purchase Air-Seal Products range of premier tyre sealants:
Visit our online shop
Call the team on +44 (0)1823 674411.

Air-Seal Products high-performance heavy duty tyre sealant

Particle Pollution from Tyre Wear

particle pollution from tyre wear|Air-Seal Products high performance heavy duty tyre sealant

Particle pollution as a result of tyre wear is found to be 2,000 times worse than modern car exhaust emissions, according to a recent study undertaken by Emissions Analytics. Used tyres produce 36mg of particles per kilometre, which contain a range of compounds including ultrafine carcinogens, that are small enough to enter the organs via the bloodstream.

‘Tyres are rapidly eclipsing the tailpipe as a major source of emissions from vehicles,’ said Nick Molden from Emissions Analytics. ‘Tailpipes are now so clean for pollutants that, if you were starting out afresh, you wouldn’t even both regulating them.’

The increasing weight of cars, especially battery-powered electric cars, is exacerbating the problem. The weight of the battery causes tyres to wear out faster and produces more particle pollution. There are currently no regulations on the wear rate of tyres and little regulation on the chemicals they contain.

Air-Seal Products can be used to reduce tyre wear and therefore tyre pollution

However, this shows that it is more important than ever to increase the life of our tyres and help decrease particle pollution.


Air-Seal Products vs. Mt. Snowdon

Cheque presentation from Air-Seal Products team to Vivien from St Margaret's Hospice

Air-Seal Products, a family-run business based in Wellington, has completed its second charity event of the year. Seven members of the Air-Seal team trekked up Mt. Snowdon on the 1st October 2022 to raise money for St. Margaret’s Hospice Care.

The business was originally going to undertake the climb in 2020 to celebrate 20 years in business and raise money for the local charity but the trek was postponed due to the pandemic. Two years later, the

The Air-Seal team are holding a St Margaret's banner halfway up Mt. Snowdon

company has successfully raised over £3,500 exceeding the original goal of £2020.

“It has been fantastic to undertake this challenge, not only to raise money for such an altruistic charity, but also as a great team-building exercise” said Director, Kerstin Burnand. “We are so pleased to be able to present St. Margaret’s Hospice with this cheque and to thank them personally for their hard-work and compassion in caring for our loved ones during such a challenging time. We would also like to say a huge thank you to our generous sponsors who made this possible!”

The Air-Seal team celebrate with a well deserved pint in a local pub following the trek up Snowdon

The Air-Seal Products team have now recovered from the 1,085m hike in high winds and low visibility and are looking for their next challenge!

Quarterly Newsletter – Autumn 2022

Air-Seal Products Snowdon Charity Fundraiser

Snowdon Fundraiser
The Air-Seal team have conquered Mt. Snowdon in aid of St. Margaret’s Hospice this quarter. They embarked on a 6 hour hike up and back on the Llanberis path on the 1st OctoAir-Seal Products Snowdon Charity Fundraiserber to raise money for the local charity, raising a total in excess of £3000! Online donations will remain open until the 9th October, so if you wish to show your support then you can do so here.

Air-Seal in Australia!
Air-Seal AustraliaThe Air-Seal directors travelled to Australia this summer to visit with our Australian and New Zealand distributors. This visit was long overdue thanks to Covid but it was excellent to finally see how the tyre sealant businesses run on the other side of the world!

International ShowsInternational Construction Trade Shows
Plans are in motion for the team to attend multiple upcoming international construction trade shows including:
Bauma – Where export manager, Steve Jones, will be discussing new opportunities with potential distributors in Munich later this month.
The Big 5 – We will be exhibiting at the show in the beginning of December at the Dubai World Trade Centre.
Conexpo – Held in Las Vegas where we will catch up with our US colleagues while exhibiting at the show!

Meet the Team!
Name: Hayley Nicholson
Hayley headshot - Punctures - Downtime - Air-SealPosition: Marketing Executive
Started at Air-Seal: January 2022
Enjoys: Paddle-boarding, horse riding, long coastal walks and curling up on the sofa with a good book!
What do you like about working at Air-Seal? Being challenged and expanding my knowledge within and outside of my role.
Looking forward to the most: Travelling with my partner in our newly converted van and continuing to support Air-Seal from Europe!
Biggest achievement this year: Having our demonstration video go viral on TikTok and Instagram. We have over 53 million views across both platforms! You can watch the video here.

Customer Focus
‘I have used Air Seal tyre sealant for a number of lawnmowers and it has worked flawlessly. Easy to apply, minimal fuss, and a little goes a long way. As an added benefit it is re-usable if needed, unlike other sealant products I have tried. C K Harrison at APF 2022I would highly recommend to anyone interested in reliable puncture prevention.’
Thank you to customer C K Harrison who left us this glowing testimonial following a catch-up at the APF forestry trade show.

Air-Seal tyre sealant FAQsQ: Will Air-Seal dry out and stick to the inside of the tyre?
A: No! Our range of premier tyre sealants are all water-washable, so when it is time to change the tyre, you can simply wash it out with water.. or better yet, scoop it out and re-use it!

See us at these upcoming shows…

Saltex – NEC Birmingham (2nd-3rd November 2022)
The Big 5 – Dubai (5th-8th December 2022)
LAMMA – NEC Birmingham (10th-11th January 2023)
Conexpo – Las Vegas (14th-18th March 2023)

If you would like to get in touch with us, call +44 (0)1823 674411 or email

Fram Farmers suppliers!

Fram Farmers|Fram Farmers

Fram Farmers provide the purchasing, crop marketing and administrative function for over 1400 farming businesses across the UK and have accounts with over 1200 suppliers.

Air-Seal Products are now suppliers of Fram Farmers. This means members can order our range of premier tyre sealants using their membership code, and receive the perfect solution to their tyre related problems directly from us!

Are punctures costing you unnecessary downtime and money? Our Heavy Duty tyre sealant can: seal 95% of punctures up to 15mm; maintain optimum tyre pressure; stop rim, bead, and other slow air leaks; increase the life of the tyre up to 20%; and provide a permanent repair for the life of the tyre!

Simply call us on +44 (0)1823 674411 or email to start saving time and money today! You can also visit our online shop here.Fram Farmers