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Air-Seal Products relieve fuel price pressure on businesses

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Profitability of businesses in the transport sector is threatened as fuel price soars and hits an all time high. Fuel prices could rise by a further 50% as the cost of crude oil increases due to sanctions imposed on Russia by Western nations.

A rise in diesel to £3 is “definitely in the realms of possibility” according to Dr Amrita Sen, chief oil analyst at the research consultancy Energy Aspects. She warned that the UK could follow Germany’s example who begin rationing diesel at the end of this month.

Fuel is around a third of costs for a haulier – when you factor in the recent increase in labour costs (20-30%) and in HGV costs – this huge price rise in fuel will have a significant impact on a business’s bottom line.

Air-Seal Products Tyre Sealants are a major solution to tyre management and have been proven to reduce operating and tyre replacement costs. Our premium products can help reduce fuel costs by up to 3%. This would mean a company with a fleet of ten trucks and trailers would save between £16,950 and £30,701 per year when using our premier tyre sealants.

Our tyre sealant will help maintain optimum tyre pressure in a cost effective and safe way by stopping all rim, bead, and other slow air leaks. Meaning our sealants will increase fuel efficiency, and the life of a tyre by up to 20%. This reduces downtime and the cost of a user’s operation and mitigates their carbon emissions.

Air-Seal Products are used worldwide by major companies for their vehicle fleets, e.g. The Royal Mail, and have seen the reductions in cost and downtime for themselves. To find out more about how our products can help you, call us on 01823 674411 or email

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