For water filled tyres.

Hydro-Seal is formulated specifically for water-based ballast filled tyres. Tyre sealants formulated for use in air filled tyres will separate when mixed with water, thus making these sealants ineffective. Furthermore, tyre sealants for pneumatic tyres do not contain enough fibres to be truly effective when diluted with water. Hydro-Seal is designed to overcome these problems.

Hydro-Seal is a puncture preventative sealant, which disperses uniformly in water-based ballast. It is fully compatible with anti-freeze used in sub-zero conditions, whether it is ethylene glycol, propylene glycol or calcium chloride-based. Hydro-Seal, when used at a mix of 1 part per 10 parts of ballast will eliminate most flat tyre costs, flat tyre downtime, and will last the life of the tyre. Hydro-Seal Tyre Sealant provides instant puncture protection and when used in ballast filled tyres, increases the tyre weight to give increased traction and equipment stability. Hydro-Seal Tyre Sealant is water washable for easy handling, easy installation and easy removal. Hydro-Seal is inert, environmentally safe and will not attack the tyre casing.
When properly installed into water-based ballasted tyres, Hydro-Seal will seal punctures up to 13mm (1/2 inch) in diameter in the tread area of the tyre. Hydro-Seal can be used in both tubeless and tube type tyres.

When a tyre is punctured, Hydro-Seal instantaneously surrounds the puncturing object to prevent pressure loss. As the puncturing object is removed the fibres and fillers are forced into the puncture forming a permanent seal. This special sealing process allows for minimal loss of pressure.

Hydro-Seal is supplied in convenient to use 20 litre pails with a specially engineered installation pump. The installation procedure is simple and usually completed in a short time.

The correct amount of Hydro-Seal for the volume of water must be installed for the sealant to perform as required, too little it will underperform, too much and it just adds to the cost without adding to the performance.

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