Particle Pollution from Tyre Wear

particle pollution from tyre wear|Air-Seal Products high performance heavy duty tyre sealant

Particle pollution as a result of tyre wear is found to be 2,000 times worse than modern car exhaust emissions, according to a recent study undertaken by Emissions Analytics. Used tyres produce 36mg of particles per kilometre, which contain a range of compounds including ultrafine carcinogens, that are small enough to enter the organs via the bloodstream.

‘Tyres are rapidly eclipsing the tailpipe as a major source of emissions from vehicles,’ said Nick Molden from Emissions Analytics. ‘Tailpipes are now so clean for pollutants that, if you were starting out afresh, you wouldn’t even both regulating them.’

The increasing weight of cars, especially battery-powered electric cars, is exacerbating the problem. The weight of the battery causes tyres to wear out faster and produces more particle pollution. There are currently no regulations on the wear rate of tyres and little regulation on the chemicals they contain.

Air-Seal Products can be used to reduce tyre wear and therefore tyre pollution

However, this shows that it is more important than ever to increase the life of our tyres and help decrease particle pollution.


Air-Seal Products vs. Mt. Snowdon

Cheque presentation from Air-Seal Products team to Vivien from St Margaret's Hospice

Air-Seal Products, a family-run business based in Wellington, has completed its second charity event of the year. Seven members of the Air-Seal team trekked up Mt. Snowdon on the 1st October 2022 to raise money for St. Margaret’s Hospice Care.

The business was originally going to undertake the climb in 2020 to celebrate 20 years in business and raise money for the local charity but the trek was postponed due to the pandemic. Two years later, the

The Air-Seal team are holding a St Margaret's banner halfway up Mt. Snowdon

company has successfully raised over £3,500 exceeding the original goal of £2020.

“It has been fantastic to undertake this challenge, not only to raise money for such an altruistic charity, but also as a great team-building exercise” said Director, Kerstin Burnand. “We are so pleased to be able to present St. Margaret’s Hospice with this cheque and to thank them personally for their hard-work and compassion in caring for our loved ones during such a challenging time. We would also like to say a huge thank you to our generous sponsors who made this possible!”

The Air-Seal team celebrate with a well deserved pint in a local pub following the trek up Snowdon

The Air-Seal Products team have now recovered from the 1,085m hike in high winds and low visibility and are looking for their next challenge!

Quarterly Newsletter – Autumn 2022

Air-Seal Products Snowdon Charity Fundraiser

Snowdon Fundraiser
The Air-Seal team have conquered Mt. Snowdon in aid of St. Margaret’s Hospice this quarter. They embarked on a 6 hour hike up and back on the Llanberis path on the 1st OctoAir-Seal Products Snowdon Charity Fundraiserber to raise money for the local charity, raising a total in excess of £3000! Online donations will remain open until the 9th October, so if you wish to show your support then you can do so here.

Air-Seal in Australia!
Air-Seal AustraliaThe Air-Seal directors travelled to Australia this summer to visit with our Australian and New Zealand distributors. This visit was long overdue thanks to Covid but it was excellent to finally see how the tyre sealant businesses run on the other side of the world!

International ShowsInternational Construction Trade Shows
Plans are in motion for the team to attend multiple upcoming international construction trade shows including:
Bauma – Where export manager, Steve Jones, will be discussing new opportunities with potential distributors in Munich later this month.
The Big 5 – We will be exhibiting at the show in the beginning of December at the Dubai World Trade Centre.
Conexpo – Held in Las Vegas where we will catch up with our US colleagues while exhibiting at the show!

Meet the Team!
Name: Hayley Nicholson
Hayley headshot - Punctures - Downtime - Air-SealPosition: Marketing Executive
Started at Air-Seal: January 2022
Enjoys: Paddle-boarding, horse riding, long coastal walks and curling up on the sofa with a good book!
What do you like about working at Air-Seal? Being challenged and expanding my knowledge within and outside of my role.
Looking forward to the most: Travelling with my partner in our newly converted van and continuing to support Air-Seal from Europe!
Biggest achievement this year: Having our demonstration video go viral on TikTok and Instagram. We have over 53 million views across both platforms! You can watch the video here.

Customer Focus
‘I have used Air Seal tyre sealant for a number of lawnmowers and it has worked flawlessly. Easy to apply, minimal fuss, and a little goes a long way. As an added benefit it is re-usable if needed, unlike other sealant products I have tried. C K Harrison at APF 2022I would highly recommend to anyone interested in reliable puncture prevention.’
Thank you to customer C K Harrison who left us this glowing testimonial following a catch-up at the APF forestry trade show.

Air-Seal tyre sealant FAQsQ: Will Air-Seal dry out and stick to the inside of the tyre?
A: No! Our range of premier tyre sealants are all water-washable, so when it is time to change the tyre, you can simply wash it out with water.. or better yet, scoop it out and re-use it!

See us at these upcoming shows…

Saltex – NEC Birmingham (2nd-3rd November 2022)
The Big 5 – Dubai (5th-8th December 2022)
LAMMA – NEC Birmingham (10th-11th January 2023)
Conexpo – Las Vegas (14th-18th March 2023)

If you would like to get in touch with us, call +44 (0)1823 674411 or email

Fram Farmers suppliers!

Fram Farmers|Fram Farmers

Fram Farmers provide the purchasing, crop marketing and administrative function for over 1400 farming businesses across the UK and have accounts with over 1200 suppliers.

Air-Seal Products are now suppliers of Fram Farmers. This means members can order our range of premier tyre sealants using their membership code, and receive the perfect solution to their tyre related problems directly from us!

Are punctures costing you unnecessary downtime and money? Our Heavy Duty tyre sealant can: seal 95% of punctures up to 15mm; maintain optimum tyre pressure; stop rim, bead, and other slow air leaks; increase the life of the tyre up to 20%; and provide a permanent repair for the life of the tyre!

Simply call us on +44 (0)1823 674411 or email to start saving time and money today! You can also visit our online shop here.Fram Farmers


HM Queen Elizabeth II (1926-2022)

HM Queen Elizabeth II

As you will already be aware, Monday 19th September has been declared a Bank Holiday in respect of the State Funeral of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

As a mark of respect for Her Majesty, and to commemorate her incredible life and reign, our offices and facilities will be closed on this day to give everybody at Air-Seal Products the opportunity to be part of this historical national moment and pay their respects.

Please be mindful that there may be some disruption to deliveries around the Capital while preparations are made for the event.

We will reopen on Tuesday 20th September.

Tyre Fires in Trucks

Truck Tyre Fires|Truck Tyre Fire

Tyre fires are uncommon in relation to the number of tyres on the road, but the statistics show that it is something that should concern every transport operator. The cause of fires starting at the wheels is always difficult to identify as the resulting damage often makes an examination impossible. Though the underlying cause for these fires is always excessive heat that manages to ignite a tyre or some stray oil or grease at the wheel end.

According to the 2020 Major Accident Report by the National Transport Accident Research Centre, 33% of truck fire losses since 2011 were caused by tyre or wheel end failure or faults. The report also identified underinflation as the leading cause of tyre failure.

Michelin Field Engineer, Phil Arnold, stated; “tyres contain a great deal of potential energy. They are like high-grade coal when they start to burn, and they are very difficult to extinguish. When a tyre comes apart while driving, it’s usually because of underinflation. Heat generated within the sidewalls of a flexing tyre weakens the casing’s steel belts, softening the rubber to the point that it eventually breaks down and the tyre blows apart. With tyre fires, the heat source is the wheel end. Heat travels through the hub’s metal and through the wheel, where it contacts the tyre bead. Since the bead is built differently than the upper sidewall, its rubber just gets hotter and hotter until at some point it begins to burn”.

Truck Tyre Fire

It has been made clear that regular vehicle maintenance and inspection of all wheel end components is essential as prevention measures for tyre fires. Even with the use of Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems, it is recommended that tyre pressures are checked and adjusted weekly with regular high speed motorway travel.

Not only useful for permanently sealing punctures in the tread area of the tyre, Air-Seal Products Heavy Duty tyre sealant can stop all rim, bead, and other slow air leaks. This will help maintain optimum tyre pressure, meaning you will no longer be operating with underinflated tyres, and will reduce the chance of a tyre fire in your trucks!

What should you do if a truck tyre catches fire?

  • The driver should drive slowly in the emergency lane until the tyre separates from the rim. Stopping could lead to the fire spreading.
  • Notify the fire department as soon as possible!

Summer vs. Winter Tyres

Summer vs. winter tyres|winter tyres|summer and winter tyres

There may not be a legal requirement to change tyres with the seasons in the UK, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. Driving conditions can vary dramatically throughout the year, so you should be prepared whatever the weather. All your questions answered on Summer vs. Winter tyres.

Summer tyres provide all-round better performance in the warmer months, the shallower tread pattern aids precision on the roads, and the relatively hard rubber compound softens in milder temperatures providing high grip levels on both wet and dry roads. These tyres are designed to adapt to the higher temperatures without getting soft, this means they have lower friction and are more fuel efficient!

summer and winter tyres

Although the harder rubber compound suits the milder temperatures as it prevents the tyres getting soft, it can harden and become brittle below +7 degrees C. This makes summer tyres dangerous to use in colder climates as the hard rubber can cause you to lose grip and greatly increase braking distance.

The higher natural rubber content in winter tyres keeps them supple and flexible at colder temperatures for better control. The softer rubber and deeper tread pattern will improve braking performance, grip, and handling. There are also thousands of tiny grooves, known as Sipes, in the tyres tread blocks which helps to disperse water and prevent aquaplaning. These Sipes bite into the snow, slush, and ice, providing greater traction on the road.

Unfortunately, the softer rubber compound will wear out quickly on dry tarmac in the summer months and will need replacing sooner.

winter tyres

Finally, there are all season tyres which can provide a halfway house between the summer and winter tyres. These are made from a moderate rubber compound to prevent hardening at low temperatures and aid grip. The moderate tread depths will also provide a longer life in summer, so they do not need replacing as often as winter tyres would in the warmer months.

Travel safely this Summer!

Air-Seal Products tyre sealant National Highways Tyre Safety Campaign

More than 41,500 breakdowns in 2021 were caused by tyres. According to National Highways, that’s over 20% of all breakdowns! Nothing ruins a summer holiday quite like a flat tyre. The Air-Seal team want you to stay safe on the roads this summer and enjoy your holidays without delays. By following a few simple checks on your vehicle you can ensure a safe arrival at your destination.

Under pressure
Driving with under-inflated tyres can make your breaking distance longer, your vehicle harder to steer, uses more fuel, and shortens the lifespan of your tyres. Check your tyre pressure before setting off on a long journey to ensure you arrive at your destination safely!

Tread carefully
Tyre treads must not be below 1.6mm, you face a £2,500 fine and 3 penalty points per tyre if stopped by the police. Bald tyres can make

your breaking distance longer, reduce control of your vehicle (especially in wet weather), and increase the chances of a sudden blowout. Did you know that you can check your tyre tread using a 20 pence piece?

Tyre Tread

One in five motorway breakdowns are caused by tyre problems. Don’t let your Summer holiday be ruined this year! Read more about the National Highways safety advice here.

Quarterly Newsletter – Summer 2022

Air-Seal Products tyre sealant new bag-in-a-box packaging option

TikTok Sensation!!
Our range of premier tyre sealant are now being showcased on TikTok and one particular video has gone viral with over 15 million views on TikTokTikTok and 30 million on Instagram!
The short demonstration video shows a 15mm puncture being permanently sealed by our Heavy Duty tyre sealant. We’ve had enquiries from all over the world as a result of the reel, including Finland, the Caribbean, and Brazil!

New Product
For the first time in 22 years, we are offering a new packaging option for our tyre sealant! The bag in a box (BIB) product will contain our well-known Heavy Duty tyre sealant. However, rather than a pail and a pump, the compact box will contain eight bags of tyre sealant, each bag

New tyre sealant product BIB Air-Sealcontaining three litres of product. To install the BIB, the tyre bead needs to be broken from the wheel rim and contents of the bag simply emptied into the tyre chamber. Due to the installation method, this product will be particularly useful for tyre fitters and businesses that are fitting their own tyres!

7 Shows in 3 Months! 
The Air-Seal team have been making the most of the return to exhibitions so far this year. Altogether the business has exhibited at 7 different trade shows in the last three months across multiple sectors, trade shows and exhibitionssuch as Agriculture, Construction, and Transport.
There are even a few international shows on the calendar for Air-Seal including The Big 5 in Dubai and Conexpo in Las Vegas!
If you missed the team at the trade shows so far this year, then click here to find out where we will be next!

Meet the Team!
Name: Kerstin Burnand
Position: Director
Started at Air-Seal: 2006Kerstin headshot - Air-Seal - Tyre Sealant - Heavy Duty
Enjoys: Family life with our 13 year old daughter and 2 dogs
What do you like about working at Air-Seal? I enjoy selling a product that I believe in and 16 years later still love seeing the reaction on peoples faces when we do our demo!
Looking forward to the most: Taking our Office Manager to Las Vegas for Conexpo (3 years overdue because of Covid!)
Favourite Quote: ‘Find a life worth enjoying; take risks; love deeply; have no regrets; and always, always have rebellious hope. And finally, check your poo – it could save your life’ – Deborah James
You can speak to Kerstin about all of your sealant needs by calling +44 (0) 1823 674411

Air-Seal Products customer

Customer Focus
‘If anyone wants to run this product down before you try it, don’t! We have been using this for well over 10 years! It’s saved us a lot of money. Fact!’
Thank you to loyal customers Dehane and Will Rhodes that left this great comment on our viral TikTok video. The comment itself has received almost 1000 likes!


Air-Seal tyre sealant FAQsQ: Can I use Air-Seal Products in on-road as well as off-road vehicles?

A: Absolutely! Our products are suitable for all types of on-road and off-road tyres. One of our biggest customers is the Royal Mail who use our sealants in all their vans!

See us at the following shows this year…
RWM – NEC Birmingham – 14th-15th September 2022
APF – Ragley Estate – 22nd-24th September 2022
Saltex – NEC Birmingham – 2nd-3rd November 2022
The Big 5 – Dubai – 5th-8th December 2022

If you would like to get in touch with us, call +44 (0) 1823 674411 or email

Cereals – Arable event of the year!

Cereals logo

From live demonstrations of the latest kit, to crop plots profiling the latest developments in agronomy, Cereals 2022 had it all!

Air-Seal Products exhibited at the show last week, showing the effectiveness of their Heavy Duty tyre sealant through the use of a trusty demonstration tyre. Show attendees were informed of how Air-Seal’s tyre sealants could protect their tyres from inconvenient punctures, saving them time and money on their operation.

The product, which is simply installed through the tyre valve, spreads evenly over the inside surface of the tyre as it rotates. When a penetration occurs, the air loss forces a combination of aramid fibres and fillers to interlock in the puncture site and form an immediate permanent repair for the legal life of the tyre.

The use of Air-Seal products will maintain optimum tyre pressure by preventing all rim, bead, and other slow air leaks, increasing fuelAir-Seal Products at Cereals 2022 efficiency, and the life of the tyre. Cereals attendees looking to save on fuel bills and new tyres didn’t hesitate to start saving and took advantage of Air-Seal’s special offers at the show.

Cereals 2022 was also the perfect opportunity to introduce Air-Seal’s new ‘bag in a box’ product, which contains the same popular Heavy Duty tyre sealant, except packaged in 8 x 3 litre bags, designed to be poured directly into the well of a tyre. Particularly useful for telehandlers as one box will treat all four tyres with no waste!

Overall, the two-day show was a huge success for the Somerset based business. If you missed the Air-Seal team at Cereals, you can watch their demonstration here.


Return to LAMMA

Air-Seal Products tyre sealant at LAMMA 2022

LAMMA 2022 was busy as ever, despite concerns that the change in date would keep customers away. The return to the NEC for the largest agricultural exhibition of 2022, following the cancellation last year and postponement in January this year, was a welcome relief.

The demonstration tyre was in constant use as the Air-Seal team showed the effectiveness of their popular Heavy Duty tyre sealant in solving punctures up to 15mm. Customers were informed of how the sealant would protect their tyres from inconvenient punctures and save them time and money on their operation.

LAMMA 2022 Demonstration of Heavy Duty Tyre Sealant

Air-Seal’s product is installed through the tyre valve using a specially engineered pump and spreads evenly over the inside surface of the tyre due to the centrifugal force. When a puncture occurs, the air pressure immediately forces a combination of aramid fibres and fillers to inter-lock and form a seal, preventing any further air loss. This mechanical repair happens instantly and will last for the legal life of the tyre. The sealant will not set or harden inside the tyre so has an indefinite shelf life and can be reused!

The Air-Seal team enjoyed catching up with existing customers such as K G Services, H P Frame, T Day Solutions Ltd, Martin Hoare Digger Hire, and Morgan Pell, who have all had great success with using the Air-Seal range of premier tyre sealants.

The two-day exhibition was a huge success for the Somerset based business and plans are already underway to attend the show again in January next year. If you missed the Air-Seal team at LAMMA, you could visit them on stand 507 at Cereals next month. Or call them on 01823 674411 to start saving now.

Sunshine at Scotplant 2022

Air-Seal Products tyre sealant at scotplant 2022

The sun was shining at the Royal Highland Centre last week as the Air-Seal Products team caught up with many new and existing customers at Scotplant 2022. It was a long way to travel for the Somerset based business but worth it for the opportunity to showcase their range of premier tyre sealants at the two-day show.

The exhibition was a huge success for the business and saw many visitors drawn to the Air-Seal demonstration, a large spike being hammered into a tyre and an instant, permanent, puncture repair, by the pre-installed tyre sealant.

“Our range of premier tyre sealants can seal 95% of punctures up to 30mm in the tread area of the tyre” explains Ben Collard, general manager of the company. “The product is installed through the tyre valve using our specially engineered pump, and spreads evenly over the inside surface of the tyre as it rotates. When a puncture occurs, the air pressure immediately forces a combination of aramid fibres and fillers to inter-lock and form a seal, preventing any further air-loss. The mechanical repair lasts for the life of the tyre, and the sealant will not dry-out or harden inside the tyre, meaning you can even re-use it!”

Existing customer of Air-Seal Products, Marshall Kennie of J & M Kennie Ltd, caught up with the team on stand. “I was getting no end of punctures before I started using Air-Seal Products a few months ago, since using the sealant I haven’t had a puncture!”.

To find out more, contact the team on 01823 674411 or visit the online shop. If you missed them at Scotplant, the Air-Seal team will be exhibiting at Hillhead in June and can be found demonstrating their range of premier products on stand PA40! Find out more here.